Rules For Our Facebook Group

Our Facebook group located HERE is a great place to chat Ripple and get updates.

We operate the following rules to maintain content quality and keep things relevant. Please read them before joining and make sure you abide by them.

  • Do not buy and sell in here. If you want to buy XRP then read the Beginner Guide HERE
  • No questions about “what the price of Ripple will be …in 1 week ….1 month…2020” Nobody knows and nobody cares, its not relevant for trading and technicals. Price request posts will be removed from now on. Please do your own research and read what is already posted in the group and on the Ripple Ninjas blog HERE.
  • No spam. No affiliate links. This is a bannable offense.
  • No requests for technical support. We are not a call centre and we get thousands of these requests per week. We have no idea why your favourite exchange or favourite wallet is not working as expected.
  • This group is XRP/Ripple speculative investment and trading focused, so lets keep it on-topic and focused and please don’t divert the group onto other non-related subjects. If you’re interested in talking about other cryptos then please join our affiliated group Hardcore Crypto Currency Trading HERE. Deliberate off-topic posting is a bannable offense.
  • Please do not ask for recommendations of exchanges or wallets. We get thousands of these per week and all these questions can be answered by reading the Beginners Guide HERE
  • We operate a strict #NOFUD policy. So don’t bother coming here to just attack Ripple or XRP or spread scare stories. This is a bannable offense. The password to get access to the facebook group is “PREMINE”
  • Do not report posts which do not violate the rules or the rules of facebook. This is a bannable offense.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will involve warnings and permanent bans. Joining the group means you comply with these rules.
  • Admins word is final (this one is especially important).

Where to get Ripple/XRP

Exchanges that we like…

Most Exchanges are experiencing high demand for new account set ups, expect delays when getting verified. Check the Exchange links to see respected fees. Reddit is a great place to get reviews and feedback on customer experiences! Always use 2 factor authentication when ever available.

Bithump – 40% total market trading volume, based in China, accepts KRW deposits only, good reputation

Poloniex – 13% total market trading volume, US based, medium to good reputation, longest operating Exchange. No cash deposits, recommend Bitcoin or Tether USDT for deposit.

Bittrex – 13% total market trading volume, US based, good reputation, USD deposits only.

Bitstamp – 5% total market trading volume, UK based, good reputation. Accepts USD & EUR bank deposits.

Kraken – <2% total market trading volume, US based, bad reputation for trading experience. Accepts USD,EUR & GBP cash deposits.

Plus ShapeShift, CoinoneChangelly and many more. Lots of good general Ripple Info can be found here<link>


Mobile Apps we like….



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Where to store your Ripples….

Nano S Ledger – Hardware Wallet; This is the safest way to store your crypto, but it costs money, so this is suitable to people who have bought hundreds to thousands of dollars worth.

Rippex Wallet – Desktop Wallet; Its free and quite simple to use, but you are responsible for your secret phrase and wallet info, use with caution, recommended for small time investors who want to store ten to several hundred dollars worth of XRP. BACKUP your key and account password securely. Use the most up to date anti malware and anti virus. Keep your OS updated!

**Never keep your Ripples on an Exchange longer than you need it there! First basic Gospel rule of Crypto trading/investing.

Not sure whats best for you? Check out online reviews and SubReddits, lots of good advice out there on the webernets!


Links to Ripple resources that we like…


Still got questions? Not sure about something? Need support? Come join us on facebook